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Published Date: 2012-11-06 08:44:58
Subject: PRO/AH/EDR Newcastle disease, wild birds - USA (05): (NV) dove
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Date: Thu 1 Nov 2012

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press (AP) report [edited]

Wildlife officials in Nevada are asking the public to help look out for sick or dying pigeons or doves in the Las Vegas area after more than 2 dozen dead doves tested positive for a bird virus.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service says the only birds affected so far are Eurasian collared doves (_Streptopelia decaocto_). They're about the size of a pigeon, greyish or tan, with a black half-collar and white edge on the neck.

State wildlife veterinarian Peregrine Wolff says the 1st death was reported late September [2012] in a North Las Vegas backyard. 27 cases have been confirmed but none since 18 Oct [2012].

Wolff says the virus known as PPMV-1 (pigeon paramyxovirus-1) doesn't pose any real threat to humans though direct contact with sick birds could lead to eye infections.


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[Avian paramyxovirus 1 (APMV-1; Fam. _Paramyxoviridae_) is the etiologic agent of Newcastle disease. APMV-1 strains maintained in pigeon populations have some antigenic differences from other APMV-1 isolates, and are sometimes called pigeon paramyxovirus type 1 (PPMV-1), which was first reported in racing pigeons in Italy in 1981, and then it became pandemic. An episode in doves was recently reported in Texas (see ProMED-mail post 20121023.1358023).

Several Newcastle disease outbreaks in chickens have been attributed to PPMV-1, which makes it a real threat to the poultry industry. However, some PPMV-1 strains cause only minimal disease and have a low intra-cerebral pathogenicity index in chickens. Nevertheless, they do have a virulence potential for chickens, which can emerge upon serial passages in these animals.

A picture of an Eurasian collared dove (_Streptopelia decaocto_) can be accessed at

The interactive HealthMap/ProMED-mail map of the affected area is available at - Mod.PMB]

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