Mission Statement


The beginning of the twenty-first century was marked by great promises and serious threats alike.
Some of the more prominent threats have been the rise of global terrorism, nuclear proliferation emanating from rogue states, threats to the global oil and food supplies.  These, and other threats, pose a clear and present danger to businesses and governments on this planet.
Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation – GSFC – provides qualitative and quantitative geopolitical and geo-economic analysis, forecasting, analytics, and business intelligence solutions based on big data gathered and interpreted by a global think tank with the assistance of a proprietary AI, working with a proprietary search engine in order to assist businesses in their decision making process.
Business decisions include, but are not limited to financial and strategic investments, expanding or moving a business into various geographic areas or new markets, or acquiring new market share.  Our analysts present a detailed analysis in order to prognosticate the effects of a crisis and its consequences. GSFC’s goal is to prepare and inform its clients to survive in a very complex and convoluted global environment full of challenges and dilemmas. Our scientific research, analysis, and examination are above politics and ideology, biases or other agendas.