Avner Saar

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Mr. Avner Saar is an expert in the areas of Crisis Management, Negotiations, Influence and Persuasion, and Conflict Resolution.
Until July of 2011, he served as an Intelligence Officer and Instructor in the Crisis Negotiations Unit of the Israel Police Department.
He possesses vast experience in instructing and managing groups as well as conducting both individual and group simulation exercises in his areas of expertise.
Mr. Saar is a well-known lecturer at government and business forums as well as in the academic setting.
He is a doctoral candidate in Tel – Aviv University, researching the topic of “Hostages, and Prisoners of war in Hamas concept, the difference between Theory – Reality”.
Mr. Avner Saar was the intelligence officer of the Israeli police negotiation unit since January 2008 until July 2011. Mr. Saar joined the Israeli defense army in 1982 and served as a fighter soldier in the intelligence branch in the Israeli army. He also became instructor/fighter in the anti-terror army unit. For nearly a decade after a full army service he worked in the security field around the world. In 1993 Recruited Mr. Saar into the Israel Police’s Special Undercover Unit (the “Gidonim”). In that unit he served as a combat field officer. After completing the Intelligence Officer’s Course he served as an Intelligence Officer in a variety of police units, including the Border Guard’s Special Counter Terrorist Unit (Yamam). During his service as an Intelligence Officer in the Galilee he was responsible for seven minority villages. These included Druze, Muslim, Catholic, Greek, and Orthodox villages. During a period of over three years Mr. Saar broadened his knowledge of the culture and traditions of those minorities living in Israel. Mr. Saar graduated his BA in Haifa University Middle Eastern History and Political Science faculty. And MA, also in Haifa university Middle Eastern History faculty. Mr. Saar also participated in many research studies whose topics included Islam, negotiations and various international events such as the terrorist attack in Moscow (2002), the Mumbai terrorist attack (2008) and others. During the last several years Mr. Saar has developed a wide variety of lectures, workshops, and seminars for various groups and delegations within Israel and abroad. His lectures are the fruit of his main research, his personal experience and the vast knowledge he gained as a result of his position with the police and the military. Avner currently serves as a lecturer and research fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Herzeliya in addition to other organizations in Israel.

Mr. Avner Saar is a Board Member on the Geostrrategic Forecasting Corporation (GSFC) Advisory Board, and a distinguished member of the GSFC Global Advisory Panel (GAP).  The GAP provides governments, corporations, and military with the gathered knowledge of all GSFC efforts, relative to homeland security, national security, antiterrorism, and global health issues.  The panel is comprised of subject matter experts, active members and retired members of various military units around the world, members of academic circles, and members who are able to contribute through personal experience and knowledge, from various areas and walks of life.  The GAP is by invitation only.